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Purchase Process

Purchase Method

Find cars on

Korean's No.1 used car trading platform
More than 1 million vehicles are registered annually.
You can import Korean domestic market quality standard vehicles through

Find your cars on


let us know with slide

If required, translate the website using google chrome.
Use the filter function to search exactly what you are looking for.
Get used to it and save time and effort.

In case you found the vehicle you want, check the price.
For example, '3,329만원' equals 33,290,000 KRW and
using 1,165KRW as

The point is to find a vehicle that has good condition and price.
The better the condition, the higher the price.
If you found the perfact car for you, send us the link to verify.
We will give you CFR quotation for you to decide.

Copy the URL what you choice

Send URL to WhatsApp Click me! Instruction

  • 1. Go to
  • 2. Filter the model you are looking for in detail.(Brand, Model, Year, Engine Type, Fuel Type, Drive Type)
  • 3. Scroll down to the bottom to check the price and mileage.
  • 4. Choose the best vehicle for your purpose.(Cheap vehicles have high accident and mileage.)(Expensive vehicles have no accidents and short mileage.)
  • 5. Copy the link and send it to the sales team member you want to work with.
  • 6. Get an estimate in US$ FOB or CFR.
  • 7. Make a purchase decision.

Introduction to Korean Car Auctions

Buying a car at AutoAction in Korea means taking an advantage of big firms' infrastructure at a relatively low cost.
Vehicles collected from various distribution channels, such as vehicles used by individuals, vehicles used by small businesses, vehicles used by the government, and vehicles sold by rental car companies, are submitted to different auctions every day. There are some vehicles that are highly competitive because of their good commercial quality, but big opportunities can open up in vehicles that are not attracting attention. (Vehicles with high mileage and accident vehicles)

Choose from car auctions.

Precautions and tips regarding car auctions.

  • Monday - Lotte Auto Auction
  • Tuesday - Glovis Auto Bell
  • Wednesday - AJ SELL Car Auction
  • Thursday - KCAR Auto Auction, Glovis Auto Bell
  • Friday - Glovis Auto Bell
  • Let's be specific!
  • - Brand
  • - Model
  • - Year
  • - Color
  • - Engine Type
  • - Fuel Type
  • - Drive Type

Let us know what you are looking for! Make auction deposit to us and win your cars.

✓ Cheapest and the most direct way

Choose from SEOBUK Inventory

SEOBUK always tries to keep cheap and good vehicles in stock using its domestic network. If you can't find the vehicle you want with the previous two methods, please inquire about the inventory list. Please understand that we don't have many vehicles in stock because of the fast turnover rate of inventory. However, once you become our regular client, we can give concentrated focus on your demand and you can be granted an exclusive inventory list.

SEOBUK Inventory

Precautions and Tips

  • Please contact one of our sales agent.
  • Check the inventory list
  • Freight costs vary depending on destination and method (Container , Ro-Ro)
  • Become SEOBUK's regular client for an exclusive inventory list.
  • We look forward working with you. 
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